Whether it’s getting divorced, navigating an unexpected life-change…. or simply coping with the uncertainty and isolation of the past year, we all struggle to make sense of the events in our lives that affect us most deeply. If you’re like most people, you’ve been telling yourself a particular story for a long time without knowing what you are leaving out or why the story seems to control you.

Sometimes we cling to convenient narratives that seem to serve us in the short term, but too often these leave out the richness and nuance that provide us with actual wisdom. This course is dedicated to discovering the essential truths in your most confounding experiences, and transforming those truths into compelling essays.

In three interactive sessions, over the course of three weeks, this class will combine readings, writing exercises, writing assignments to work on between classes and thoughtful feedback on your work– all of which will lead you to worthwhile discovery.



Intended for writers and non-writers alike. You might have an interest in publishing a personal essay, or you may simply feel stuck with some complex emotions around your split or maybe you have a story to share about starting over. Regardless of your motives, this weekend will push you to explore your truth through a new lens. Some past attendees have published their essays. Though this isn’t the primary goal, you’ll find support and encouragement if this is your interest.


Write Your Story

Personal Essay Writing Course:

“Divorce, Break Ups, Beginnings”

Saturday, March 13th, 20th and 27th

11 am – 1pm EST on Zoom

$180 per person
(20% off for members)

Online via Zoom – Limited to Six People

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In addition to authoring four books, Steve Friedman, has published in Esquire, GQ, Outside, Elle, The New York Times, New York magazine among others. He has been a two- time finalist for the National Magazine Award and was awarded a Yaddo residency in 2019. In 2004, he wrote the very first Modern Love column, which has since become a book, a podcast and most recently, a popular TV series.