Words about Grief & Gratitude from attendees

“I didn’t know quite what to expect and I’m not a “joiner” so I was a bit nervous.  The experience was just incredible, and I left feeling hopeful, which I still do today.  Many thanks for the experience!” -Aimee D. attorney

“I am still basking in a real sense of peace from my Grief & Gratitude workshop. felt so many things when I left : optimistic, hopeful….HAPPY.  The writing exercises were a subtle and gentle way to encourage everyone to tell their story.  If we had just been asked to give our personal backgrounds, I don’t think as much honest detail would have emerged.  It certainly helped me to organize my thoughts and examine some of the hard (and happy) truths that I needed to share.” -Michaeline C,. development executive

“Jenny’s Grief & Gratitude workshop was a game- changer for me. For the first time since my break-up of my marriage, I  am beginning to  re-frame my thinking about my marriage, separation & the future.”—Rochelle P., philanthropist

“As painful as it was, I found it very comforting to be amongst women with great soulfulness and self-determination to get through the ordeal of divorce together. I really found it profound in so many ways.  And the afternoon was worth the price of five therapy sessions!” -Sue K., screenwriter

“We all truly had an unspoken harmonious connection–not just in our circumstances of divorce and broken hearts but as mothers, friends, artists, educators, meditators and, well, people with soul and conviction who simply want to breathe again.  Jenny, thank you for facilitating such a peaceful and uniquely genuine event.  We couldn’t have met in a more conductive and safe environment for healing.”  -Jennifer S., arts educator

“One of the exercises that Jenny Douglas had us engage in I continue to use to this day. It helps me unlock the ‘smarter’ thoughts that I know are in me, but sometimes get locked away by other emotions.” -Jessica F., non-profit executive

“Jenny’s workshop marked a very important day for me. I feel incredibly grateful that she gave me this opportunity. I have no words to describe the intensity of the peace and hope I felt when I left her home. It will take me a while to let everything sink in. She has a special gift for doing this. Thank you.” -Violette M., non-profit executive

“What is so wonderful about your group, especially the Grief & Gratitude workshops, is that it has helped to set a fair, kind, and grateful tone to my divorce process.”-Kathleen S. teacher

“An empowering experience that gave me hope that light was just beyond the stormy horizon.”-Sue K, screenwriter

“At the beginning of the afternoon I had only a distant relationship to the words Grief and Gratitude. The mourning and surrender exercise put me in immediate touch with my own deep sorrow and loss. It is a comfort to know that I’m not alone with these feelings. I was so moved by everyone’s generosity and willingness to share their own difficult experiences.”-Judith L., artist

“My workshop with Jenny Douglas uplifted my soul and validated the angst I’ve been through. It helped me to embrace the whole-hearted, authentic journey I am now on.” -Nancy M. teacher

“I only spent three hours in Jenny Douglas’s workshop but I walked away having made deep connections with Jenny and the other women in the workshop.  Jenny created a safe and healing space  in the workshop for each of us to share our feelings. Jenny’s compassion and deep listening was a gift. I continue to reach out to Jenny when I need to reconnect and be reminded that I am not alone in this part of my life’s journey.”-Trisha C.

“I want to thank you both for such a wonderful morning. For me, I feel today’s tears already opening new doors.   You guys are creating such a uniquely sweet and wise and supportive space for women from everywhere/anywhere to come feel they are safe in bringing their hearts, their wedding photos, their tired lonely souls aching to be bolstered….and together we lift the gang!”-Jeanne, M., writer

“What a beautiful workshop.”—Anne B., brand consultant

“Jenny, thank you for the safe and mellow space you created. You have a gift for flowing with whatever happens and not making it or us wrong. That made it a safe space for the work we came to do.”-Trisha S., executive coach