Do you have to get divorced? Introducing the non-divorce divorce.

Some people decide that it is too financially or emotionally taxing to actually get legally divorced. Instead, they work out alternative arrangements that provide ample independence and freedom, but still provide the protections of the legal institution of marriage. This evening, we will delve into the way some of these arrangements work, look at the pluses and minuses of these models, and talk about how to determine if your own best interest might be served by not actually getting a legal divorce. 


6:30 PM (7 livestream)

Due to Coronavirus we are currently planning to only host this event online. Join us for the livestream by registering below. Both members and livestream members can use their code to sign up free-of-cost.


Jessica Rothberg, mediation and collaborative attorney at Mediation Works, has helped thousands of couples find their way to an amicable post-married partnership. As a child of divorce herself, she was raised in joint custody before it was common practice.

Mediation attorney Jessica Rothberg will be joined by two speakers who will share their personal narratives; and explain what made them decide not to go through with legal divorce, but to shape alternative arrangements that they feel best served them and their families.