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Divorce is a scary ride, but if you get the right support, it can land you in a great new place.
UNtied can be a big part of that support.

An online magazine and real life community, we connect you with other women going through the process and introduce you to professionals at the top of their fields who can provide you with crucial advice and information.

Our panel evenings cover topics ranging from getting back to work, to hiring the right attorney, to sex in midlife to paying for college as a re-singled parent.

Our workshops will help you cope with grief, ready you for online dating and help you re-shape your future. Our forums allow you to share and connect with like-minded women on the same road.

Our Professional Directory of vetted experts – including career coaches, financial advisors, professional organizers, real estate experts, stylists, menopause experts, dating specialists, parenting counselors, divorce coaches, therapists and of course, divorce lawyers – will make you stronger and better able to cross what is likely the toughest bridge of your life.

And we will also be there for you on the other side of your split, on issues like dating, step parenting and even retirement.

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