Maybe this is the first holiday season since your split. Or maybe you’ve been at it for a few years, but still feel utter dread as it approaches. Whether you spend them without your kids, with your kids but without their other parent or you plan to muddle through it all together or with a crew of relatives, this time just tends to be fraught.

As part of our series of lunch-hour conversations with divorce coaches, Elise will be talking Cindy Gunraj of Stillness Blooms about how to navigate the holidays with as much calm, joy and harmony as possible. We’ll talk about strategies for reducing conflict, providing continuity and security for your kids, and taking care of your mental and physical health.

Tuesday, December 7th

12-12:45pm EST

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Guest Speaker

Cindy Gunraj‘s own divorce put her at odds with her family’s culture and traditions which made the process extra hard, lonely and isolating.  As a certified life and divorce coach, she works with all kinds of women to help them find their direction after divorce, but she is especially attuned to women who grew up in families and communities where divorce is at best controversial if not outright unacceptable.