There may be no harder moment in a parent’s life than breaking the news to your children that you are getting divorced. And it isn’t just one conversation, as those of us who’ve been through it are aware. It continues in one form or another for years and years!

So, how do we start this tough conversation in a way that is most helpful to them? That allows them to have their feelings but sets them up for healing and resilience? What to say when there has been an affair (either ours or our spouse’s)? And how does the conversation change as our kids get older?

Join us for a discussion with child psychologist and therapist Shanna France. Bring your questions, your fears and any experiences you’d like to share.

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Meet the Expert

Shanna Riss is a Clinical, Child and School Psychologist who also specializes in Mindfulness work with children.

For 17 years, Shanna was the Head of Counseling at the Chapin School. During her tenure, she created a Health, Wellness and Mindfulness Curriculum for Grades K-7 and started a Banana Splits group for children of divorced parents. Previous to her job at Chapin, Shanna worked with families and young mothers at Downstate Hospital in Brooklyn. During her schooling in Los Angeles, Shanna trained the LAPD and SWAT teams to help suicidal teen agers at risk. In 2017, she received the Local Hero Change Maker Award from The Child Mind Institute.

Currently in private practice, Shanna works with children ages 4-25, and women and families going through divorce.

Shanna is happily divorced and lives in Brooklyn Heights with her two sons.