It isn’t where you thought you were headed,
but who among us ever intends to get divorced?

Here you are. We are so glad to have you.

We are here to assure you that while divorce may be the worst thing you have ever been through, it will get better.

Separation and divorce are painful events.  There will be grief, loss and anger.  But if you have the right tools,  the right support, and the willingness to be truthful to yourself, you will learn some invaluable things that will make you stronger and yes, even happier than you were before.

UNtied will provide you with the tools, the information and the network to help you cross what is likely the toughest bridge of your life.

Here you will find a thoughtful, wise community of women who are on the same road.   Some are starting out, others are in transition, many have gone through the process and come out on the other end.  Not just whole, but better than they’ve ever been.  Don’t believe us? Go ahead and ask them! Poll them about the best and worst decisions they made regarding their separation or divorce, the toughest part of the journey, and the greatest unforeseen benefits.

We will introduce you to professionals at the top of their fields who can provide  you with crucial advice and support.  Whether you need to know how to hire a lawyer, how to master your finances, how to parent your angry teen, or how to start dating again, we have people who can help. We have career coaches,  financial advisors, professional organizers, menopause experts, dating specialists, parenting counselors, divorce coaches, therapists and of course, divorce lawyers. This is your community.  We invite you to step in, ask questions, ask advice, share your story, or even take a moment to vent.

This is the year, the month, the day when you will start to reshape your life.
If this sounds pat, turn off that insipid new age music playing in your ears.
We mean it.