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Workshop: Grief & Gratitude | January 13th

This month we're offering a special New Year's Grief & Gratitude session: Come if you’ve taken Grief & Gratitude before and feel the need for a "booster." Come if you’ve been wanting to take it, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Come if you are serious...

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WEBINAR The Future of Work for Women | January 15th

Call with the Summit, Future of Work with Katie Fiore. The Summit, a coaching group that specializes in helping women get back to work is hosting a call on The Future of Work for women with Katie Fiore. After a 20+ year career in advertising and digital marketing,...

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Choosing A Lawyer | January 16th

Choosing A Lawyer   Sometimes you need the help of a partner who’s got your back. Divorce is one of those times. And your attorney should be that partner. But how do you find the right one? Join us for a glass of wine and hear from some excellent attorneys who...

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Expert Call: Selling Your Ring | January 17th

The Ring Question: Join us for the first of three calls about what to do with your engagement ring. We’ll talk with Judy Herbst of Worthy, one of the fastest growing auction sites for pre-owned jewelry. Judy will talk about what to consider when you decide to sell...

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UNtied Ski Trip with Ski Souls | January 20th-26th

We are taking UNtied to the mountains! UNtied is partnering with Ski Souls, founded by UNtied member Gundula Brattke on a six-day stay in Telluride, the hippest ski town in the Rockies. We'll have outdoor adventures, cozy fires, great food and special access to the...

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Expert Call: Re-Fashioning Your Ring | February 14th

The Ring Question: Join us for the second of three calls about what to do with your engagement ring.  THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14th 12 PMCall-in details will be provided closer to the event.  Expert calls are typically Members-Only events. Our 'The Ring Question' calls are...

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Helping Teens Cope With Your Split | March 6th

Of the all the factors that can make divorce harder than it already is, divorcing with teens is near the top of the list. If you are the divorcing mom or dad of a teenage son or daughter, please join us to hear from two therapists known for their success with...

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WORKSHOP: Write Your Story | March 9-10th

Steve Friedman’s Write Your Story Weekend Workshop has been a true game-changer for the women who have taken it since we first put it together two years ago. A few students have published essays that they started in the workshop, but most have had little interest in...

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Online Dating Workshop | April 6th

Start (or re-launch) your online dating life with a sparkling profile, stunning photos and some effective strategies for success. Whether you are looking for your next serious relationship or just feeling the itch to get back out there and explore, come join us for...

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Workshop: Grief & Gratitude | April 7th

No matter how you got here, the experience of divorce represents a kind of initiation -- a marked departure from a once clearly-marked map into a wild and unruly forest. How we choose to enter the forest, and be in it, says a lot about who we will be when we...

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Coping As Co-Parents | April 10th

    If you are facing a marital split or currently in the process of a split and have children, this evening is for you. You’ve heard people talking about the fact that divorce ends marriages, but doesn’t end families. But how exactly, will you and your ex make the...

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Divorce & Addiction | May 8th

Divorce is tricky enough to navigate, but when there is addiction or mental illness in the mix, things get a whole lot trickier. Alcoholism, bipolar disorder, Asperger's, and gambling addiction are just some of the conditions that can complicate negotiations toward a...

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Blending Families | June 5th

Considering remarriage or moving in with new partner and his or her kids? Don't fly blind! 75% of divorced men and women re-couple at some point. The majority of them have kids, and most of them report that stepfamily dynamics are vastly more complicated than they had...

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Panel Events:
Once a month, we bring you two or more top experts from the New York City Area
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Thank you for creating a safe space for women in the different stages of divorce to share, support, and learn from each other. For many of us, there is no community to turn to for support. Of course, our friends and loved ones reach out to comfort us, but connecting with others going through similar experiences is invaluable.


I got my lawyer through UNtied! I was totally clueless about collaborative divorce before going to one of your panels. UNtied saved me a lot of time, pain and money. Eternally grateful! Nancy

At a moment when I was in complete shock, stunned and had absolutely no idea how to proceed, it was enormously comforting and helpful to have a group of brilliant women to turn to, each of whom had suggestions, and stories. Knowing you are not alone is big! Liz