Expert Call: Health Coverage In Splitsville | November 7th

November's monthly expert call is all about health insurance. November 7th 12 PM EST What are your rights, and what are your options when it comes to your health insurance after you divorce? Did you know that you are entitled to coverage under a COBRA policy up to 36...

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Online Dating Workshop | November 10th

Would it surprise you to know that online dating can actually be interesting, enlightening and fun?  To master online dating means relaxing into the whole crazy journey of looking for love at this stage of our lives. To do that, you need to feel confident and...

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Real Estate In Splitsville | November 14th

What happens to your home in a New York City divorce is no small question. The decision to sell your home or buy out your spouse, stay in your family rental or leave and rent your own place–each of these actions will have lifelong consequences. Join us for an evening...

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Workshop: Grief & Gratitude | December 2nd

No matter how you got here, the experience of divorce represents a kind of initiation — a marked departure from a once clearly-marked map into a wild and unruly forest. How we choose to enter the forest, and be in it, says a lot about who we will be when we eventually...

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Choosing A Lawyer | January 16th

Choosing A Lawyer Sometimes, you need the help of a partner who knows more than you do. Someone who’s got your back. Divorce is one of those times. Usually, that partner is a lawyer. But how do you find the right one, and when you have found him or her, what should...

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Coping As Co-Parents | Jan 23rd – NEW DATE

If you are facing a marital split or currently in the process of a split and have children, this evening is for you. You’ve heard people talking about the fact that divorce ends marriages, but doesn’t end families. But how exactly, will you and your ex make the...

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*This calendar is updated throughout the year with new events and workshops.
On rare occasion, we may modify the date of an event. Please check in periodically to see what’s new!

Panel Events:
Once a month, we bring you two or more top experts from the New York City Area
for presentations and discussions over a glass of wine and some light food.

Intensive sessions on topics ranging from grief recovery to budgeting, online dating, and more.

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Thank you for creating a safe space for women in the different stages of divorce to share, support, and learn from each other. For many of us, there is no community to turn to for support. Of course, our friends and loved ones reach out to comfort us, but connecting with others goign through similar experiences is invaluable. Rochelle

I got my lawyer through UNtied! I was totally clueless about collaborative divorce before going to one of your panels. UNtied saved me a lot of time, pain and money. Eternally grateful! Nancy

At a moment when I was in complete shock, stunned and had absolutely no idea how to proceed, it was enormously comforting and helpful to have a group of brilliant women to turn to, each of whom had suggestions, and stories. Knowing you are not alone is big! Liz