As we emerge from Covid, some of us our gearing up to date again, or maybe to get out there for the first time since our breakup. Join us for a talk about what dating will look like in a post-Covid world, how to navigate the dating world after marriage, and how to actually enjoy your dating life.

Our guest is Lily Womble, dating coach and founder of Date Brazen. I met Lily four years ago, when she was my matchmaker at Tawkify. I loved her smart, intuitive style, but was ultimately frustrated with the matchmaking process. I was thrilled to discover recently that she had left matchmaking but was still helping women find love. We’ll talk about why she left  matchmaking, and why she feels she can be more effective as a coach. We’ll talk matchmaking versus online dating and who is best served by each approach.

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Meet the Experts

Lily Womble has been a women’s advocate since her high school days in Alabama. After college, she surprised herself by becoming a matchmaker at Tawkify, the largest matchmaking organization in the US. Soon into her tenure there, she became the firm’s top matchmaker, but her own love life was desperately out of balance. She had grown up being told that she was “too much” and found herself in a relationship that forced her to shrink herself to fit it. “I realized that to find the love I wanted, the kind of love my clients wanted, we needed to embrace our ‘too much,'” she says. She ultimately went out on her own and founded Date Brazen, which has in a few short years, helped hundreds of women around the world build a clear path to the best relationship of their lives with her unconventional, feminist leaning coaching.