Coping as Co-parents: The Summer Schedule

You’ve solved the parenting schedule for the school year, but summer is around the corner and then what? Planning summer activities for kids can be a challenge even for intact families–particularly if both parents work during the day. Add co-parenting conflict into the mix and the challenges only multiply:

  • Will one parent be allowed to take the kids on vacation if the other’s work schedule prevents them from reciprocating?
  • What if one parent insists on taking the kids to visit family out of the country against the wishes of the other?
  • Who gets to choose a day camp program?
  • If only one parent supports overnight camp, does the other parent have the right to insist it not come out of their parenting time?
  • How do you split the costs?
Disagreement around these issues can be tricky to navigate without putting your kids in the middle of your conflict. Join us for a talk with matrimonial and family law attorney Shari Bornstein. She’ll share strategies for navigating this discussion with clarity and poise, so your kids can focus on having fun this summer.

Thursday, March 16th

12 PM ET / 9 AM PT


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Shari Bornstein, is a family attorney at Yacos Law LLC where she uses her skills as in litigation, mediation and collaborative law to help her family law clients make solid decisions in the midst of an emotionally turbulent time. Passionate about the power of positive communication to solve problems in high conflict situations, Shari has coached hundreds of divorcing parents both at Yacos Law and through the NY based non-profit, Family Kind.

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