Summer Custody Schedules

You’ve finally hashed out a custody schedule with your soon-to-be ex for the regular school year. Then comes the summer.

Let’s just say once school gets out, things often get complicated. One parent wants to take the kids for a two week trip or visit to friends or family, but the other parent refuses to let them go more than a week without seeing them. Or one spouse would like to take the kids to visit grandparents who live abroad, and the other parent strongly objects to their leaving the US. Then there is often the sticky issue of camp– one parent doesn’t see the sense is sleep away camp and insists that this come out of the other parent’s time. And who makes the plans for summer? One parent believes that kids should have a summer job, but the other wants them to relax with family in the country or travel and see the world. And whatever schedule works when kids are five and three, will change when they are ten and eight, and again when they are sixteen and fourteen.

Join us for a discussion with family attorney and mediator, Shari Bornstein, who is known for her work helping parents reduce conflict through better communication skills. We’ll talk about creative solutions to common impasses, and strategies for building more cooperative relationships with co-parents when it comes to summer custody schedules.

Thursday, July 28th
12 pm ET/9 am PT

via zoom

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Shari Bornstein ran her own family law firm in CT for two decades before moving to NY where she currently practices at the firm of Yacos Law, LLC. Shari uses her skills as a litigator, mediator, and collaboratively trained attorney to resolve divorce cases, custody actions and post-judgment matters. She also serves as a Guardian ad Litem for children and as a mediator on the Supreme Court Roster of Matrimonial Mediators. Shari is passionate about using positive communication to solve problems and reduce conflict between divorced and divorcing parents. She created the co-parenting communication program, GOODTALK4PARENTS, offered by FamilyKind, a NYC non-profit organization that provides education and support to divorcing families on a sliding scale fee.  Shari served as the Director of FamilyKind Parent Services and currently serves on the FamilyKind Advisory Council.

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