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Financially Secure
Steps to a


It might not seem like a sexy topic, but feeling a sense of power and confidence when it comes to your financial future can only make you happier and less stressed. How can that not be sexy?

“I discovered through my divorce process that retirement financial planning  was a terrifying topic, which seems an eternity away, but somehow looming,” says Cheryl Klauss, UNtied friend and regular.  After working with Stacy Francis this past year, she was inspired to come up with an informative evening that she will hosting in her beautiful  Manhattan loft (getting sexier already, right?).

“I’ve gained a lot of very helpful information from professionals who I was lucky enough to work with,” she says, “and I want to share the same sense of empowerment with my friends as well as other women on their own.”

Join us for an evening of powerful pointers and strategies on protecting our financial future, so we can take risks in other areas-(see UNtied’s Alice Kaltman above!)

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017
In Chelsea near the Highline.
6:30 pm


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