The pressures and obligations brought on by the Covid pandemic are pushing many of us to consider moving. We’ve heard from many moms looking to move away from the city to less expensive areas where Covid is less threatening and kids have more space. Some are hoping to move back to hometowns or maybe even home countries where family support or better job opportunities beckon.

For divorcing parents, this gets complicated when both parents aren’t willing and able to move together.

What are the options if you are divorced or currently in the process of divorce and you and your co-parent have conflicting wishes around relocation?

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 Shelley Klein provides family mediation through her private law practice, Divorced and Intact, as well as through the NY Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG). She began her career at Paul, Weiss in corporate litigation, clerked for a Federal court judge in Brooklyn, and worked extensively in social justice before starting her own family law practice in New York. She holds several academic positions in the realm of social justice and the law. She is the Associate Director of the Center for Institutional and Social Change (CISC) at Columbia Law School and the Assistant Director of the Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy (ISERP) at Columbia University.



Sophie Jacobi-Parisi is the family law partner at the law firm of Warshaw Burstein. She is experienced with complicated custody cases, particularly custody matters involving children with special needs. Before entering family law, she earned a master’s in social work and after law school worked as a staff attorney with the Legal Aid Society’s Juvenile Rights Practice. As a member of the Euro-American Lawyers Group, Warshaw Burstein has relationships with top attorneys in 28 jurisdictions around the globe.