What happens to our home when we split is a likely the biggest business decision we will ever make. At the same time, our home is often the emotional center of our universe. How can we make the wisest choice for ourselves during this emotionally fraught time? The short answer is “don’t rush!” 

Make sure you get some financial advice that will help you think long term. Lock in some emotional support to help you untangle the feelings from the facts. So often, attorneys say, women insist that they have to keep the house for the sake of the kids. And often, many of those women suffer a financial hit as a result. What really is best for you and your kids both now, and in the long run?

Join us for an evening panel with some of New York’s best experts on the topic of real estate in splitsville. Come share a glass of wine and meet other women who have been there or are in the same place you are. Go home with greater knowledge and very likely some new friends.


6:30 PM (7 livestream)

Louisa DeRose worked as an Assistant District Attorney at the Queens County District Attorney’s Office before transitioning to family law and joining her family’s Queens-based law firm, DeRose & Surico, which has specialized in all areas of real estate law for over 35 years. While her current practice at Rower LLC focuses on matrimonial and family law matters, the thorough knowledge of, and experience real estate law that Louisa gained at DeRose & Surico helps Rower’s clients find solutions to the many real estate issues that often crop up in divorce matters.

Sara Stanich is a New York City-based CFP® and owner of The Stanich Group, a Fee-only Registered Investment Adviser. As a financial planner, she works with clients to regroup after divorce. She began her career in the financial industry after receiving my MBA from NYU and working in corporate marketing for 12 years. Drawn to do something more entrepreneurial, she became a financial planner to combine her interest and knowledge of personal finance, aptitude for numbers and desire to help people live their best life.

Terry Naini is a seasoned real estate broker with Brown Harris Stevens, whose warmth, intelligence and human perspective have made her beloved by her clients in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. Terry has been in NYC real estate for the past 16 years and is often called upon to advise homeowners in transition. She takes more of a consultative approach and helps her clients evaluate their options before they make a decision to sell, buy or rent.  Having been divorced herself, she understands the critical, emotional and sensitive nature of these transactions and always has her clients back. Terry’s past careers were in Mergers & Acquisitions and in Molecular Biology.