What happens to your home when you split is a likely the biggest business decision you will ever make. At the same time, our home is often the emotional center of our universe. How can we make the wisest choice for ourselves during this emotionally fraught time? The short answer is “don’t rush!” 

Make sure you get some financial advice that will help you think long term. Lock in some emotional support to help you untangle the feelings from the facts. So often, attorneys say, women insist that they have to keep the house for the sake of the kids. And often, many of those women suffer a financial hit as a result. What really is best for you and your kids both now, and in the long run?

Join us for an evening panel with some of New York’s best experts on the topic of real estate in splitsville. Come share a glass of wine and meet other women who have been there or are in the same place you are. Go home with greater knowledge and very likely some new friends.


6:30 PM (7 livestream)