Protecting the Future of Your Kids –

Did you know that mother red squirrels, meerkats and other mammal mamas pass their hard won territory (as well as food and other resources), on to their offspring?

If you’ve been married with kids, you may have always thought you and your spouse would leave your kids, say, the family home. Perhaps you assumed that your pooled savings or his job income would cover their college tuition. Now that you are facing divorce, you need to rethink a lot of what you previously took for granted. It may be the time to channel that mother squirrel and do some extra thinking ahead and planning on your children’s behalf. For instance, how will their situation be impacted if you or your soon-to -be ex remarries someday? And how will things change if either of you decides to have more kids ? Maybe you are past the age of having kids and your soon-to-be ex says he or she doesn’t want more. For divorced men especially, things can (and do) change. What if he meets and falls for a woman ten years from now who is able (read young) and eager to have a child? What if has a relationship and unwittingly gets someone pregnant? Reserving social judgement here, or picking unfairly on men, these are stereotypical tropes because they happen.

In each of the above instances, it’s important to know what you can you do to protect your living children in the face of future claims on your soon-to -be ex-spouse’s income and/or assets.

Join us for a discussion with a divorce lawyer and a trust and estates lawyer on how to prepare for potential new realities in your children’s changing family.

Tuesday, January 24th

12 PM ET, via zoom


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