The third part in our three-part series about separating from a narcissist.

Can you Break The Cycle of Narcissism?

For anyone with children who has divorced a narcissist, there is often one lingering worry: how can we prevent our kids from becoming narcissists themselves, given that it seems to be such a cyclical dynamic, often passed from generation to generation?

In this session, we’ll hear from psychologist Lauren Behrman about how children of even extreme narcissists can chart a new course–with your help. Mediation attorney, Shelley Klein will weigh in on how your divorce process and divorce settlement can make a difference, too.

Please join us and bring your questions!

Meet the Experts

Shelley Klein provides family mediation through her private law practice, Divorced and Intact, as well as through the NY Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG). She began her career at Paul, Weiss in corporate litigation, clerked for a Federal court judge in Brooklyn, and worked extensively in social justice before starting her own family law practice in New York. She is the Associate Director of the Center for Institutional and Social Change (CISC) at Columbia Law School and the Assistant Director of the Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy (ISERP) at Columbia University.

Lauren Behrman, PhD, is a Licensed Psychologist, mediator, collaborative divorce professional and parent coordinator in private practice in Westchester and Manhattan. She is a counselor and psychotherapist for children, adolescents and adults. She is also a sought after divorce professional, working with individuals, couples and families. Her divorce related services include parent coordination, co-parent counseling with high conflict parents, neutral child specialist work for mediation cases, process facilitation and divorce coaching.