It’s been a long winter and the Covid threat still lurks. Those of us who are currently single are spending a lot of bedtime alone.

If, as the health officials have famously told us, “you are your safest sex partner,” then you might as well make solo sex as good as it can be, right? What better time to explore what feels good?

Not only is self pleasure um, pleasurable, it’s also healthy. And it is a great way to find your sexual self again after a long marriage. It can help you ready yourself for partnered sex, too.

There are so many good reasons to up your game when it comes to masturbation and sexual self-exploration!

Pour yourself a glass of wine and tune in this Thursday evening. We’ll be sharing resources and inspiration on cozying up with ourselves these next wintery weeks. 

Tune in for resources and inspiration on cozying up with ourselves these next wintery weeks. 

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Meet the Experts

Kelly Kane, founder of The Kane School, a Pilates training and certification center. Kelly is a lifelong student of movement and human biomechanics. In the last decade, she has been on a quest to review and resource all the existing research on aging well, specifically research conducted for and by women.

Virginia Reath, RPA, MPH is a clinician, advocate and counselor in sexual health and gynecology. As an activist for reproductive justice she co-hosted the 1990’s radio show “Snatches” which was hailed as the very first call-in show on gynecological topics. She describes her practice as “relationship centered care with an integrative approach.” She is also an accomplished visual artist and poet .

Emma Rooney, is the Account Manager for Dame Products, a sex toy company founded by two women- a sexologist and an engineer – who shared an ambition to close “the pleasure gap.” Their wildly popular hands free vibrator, the Eva was developed with crowdfunding back in 2014, and in 2020 they made Fast Company’s list  Most Innovative Wellness Companies. They’ve continued to bring out beautifully designed, high quality products in direct response to their research into what “vulva owners”  really want.