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A New Cadre of Experts Helps Women Navigate their Divorces
The women are architects, film industry executives, skin care consultants, product managers at tech companies, psychologists. They have worked in finance, publishing and television…


A Second Look at the Vicious Cycle of Divorce
I am one of those children of divorce who grew up only to get divorced myself.
It is the typical sad story. But then why am I so happy? My parents divorced when…


Who gets the Apartment After a Divorce
If you are thinking about divorce in New York City, you are thinking about real estate.
“The home is almost always the major issue,” says real estate broker Deborah Lupard of Warburg, herself a divorced homeowner in TriBeCa…


Managing After the Divorce
Brooklyn Savvy, Season 11

Dialogue on Divorce
with Elise Pettus (Podcast)
Dialogue on Divorce is a Westchester based radio show and podcast hosted by Katherine Miller.
Listen to an interview with UNtied founder Elise Pettus.


Divorce and the Hardest Work of Getting Back to Work
One of the low points during those first post-split weeks occurred one Friday afternoon when my twelve-year-old informed me that he and his pals would be staying out as late as they wanted…

What Plants Taught Me About My Marriage
Fostering a marriage is all about dealing with less than ideal conditions. Last spring, I bought 18 beautiful specimens of sagina subulata (aka Irish Moss) for a plot in my small urban garden…

Is Alimony the Last Feminist Taboo?
In 2013, the number of households with kids under 18 featuring female primary breadwinners was 40 percent, according a study from Pew Research, up from 33 percent in 2005. And while as of 2010 only 3 percent of men received spousal support from their wives, that number might soon jump. “It’s a huge issue,” says Elise Pettus, the founder of a New York–based support group for divorcing women called UNtied…

4 Ways to Ease the Pain of Renting an Apartment in NYC After a Divorce

Renting an apartment in New York City after a divorce or break-up can be a double whammy: The emotional toll is compounded by the pressure of having to find a place to live, sometimes unexpectedly or without cash reserves or credit history, making what is a challenge under the usual circumstance seem nearly impossible.

How to Survive and Enjoy Wedding Season After Divorce

If you’re in the midst of a divorce or newly single then a wedding might be the last event you want to attend but divorce coach Elise Pettus says go. There are ways to survive and enjoy wedding season after divorce. Is there a time when you should say no to an invite? Can you go solo, even if you and your spouse have not yet gone public with your divorce?


10 Pre-Divorce Moves Every Woman Should Make
1. Phone an attorney (or two or even three) 
I often hear women say they “aren’t ready” to talk to a lawyer. It might be that they can’t yet wrap their heads around what is happening, or they’re afraid they might “escalate things” or they don’t know what kind of attorney they want (a mediator or a litigator?). Do not put it off. Do it now. Knowing early on where you stand and what your options are will help you enormously.