april 15th, 2017

Maybe you’ve said you’d try it.  Someday.
Maybe you’re gearing up to do it.
Maybe you’ve done it, a little, but decided it was just too much effort.
Maybe you’re excited to try it and eager to know as much as possible about the process.

The great and liberating thing about online dating is that it gives YOU the power over your dating life. And once you’ve cleared a few hurdles, it can be enlightening and dare we say it, fun.

There are things to know however, that make it easier and a lot more rewarding.  I made a point of learning them after some very bad dates. I’ll bet they were worse than yours.

One thing I learned was that it is absolutely worth the effort to get the best photos possible. They have to look like you, the best you, and express something real about who you are.  I had my talented best friend take photos for an entire day, and they were fine. But when I took the financial plunge to hire a pro to take them, it made a night and day difference. I doubt many of you will go out and book a $600 photo session just for your online dating profile. That is exactly why we’ve done it for you!

I am also eager to share what I’ve learned from both professionals, such as Laurie Davis, the eFlirt expert as well as the divorced women I have interviewed who have found love online. We will talk about profiles, dating “strategies” and more. Did we mention?  You will get your makeup done by a wonderful pro, who will offer some specific tips for your face.

What could make for a better afternoon? Join us and build the confidence that will allow you to enjoy the whole zany ride of online dating, and exponentially boost your odds of success.

Saturday, April 15th
12 – 4pm
Brooklyn Heights


(Limited to 8 participants)

“Excellent make up and photography professionals!  I was amazed to see what they did!”

-Christine M.

What an amazing team of pros- the make-up artists, the photographers, etc.”
-Alison R.

About our professionals:

Ann Day is a world class photojournalist known for her artistic flair. Her subjects have ranged from Anna Wintour to Bebe Doc to Barack Obama. See some of her work here.





Jenni_shawJenni Shaw works in fashion industry, film, tv, and runway shows, and have published work in magazines such as: Teen Vogue, Filter, People, More, Cosmo, and GQ. She has worked with celebrities and rock stars, but also doctors, chefs, actors, CEO’s, athletes, race car drivers, writers, artists, professors, parents, kids, and even did grooming for a Catholic priest once.




screen-shotAs the daughter of two artists, Sophie Ono grew up in a world of wondrous creative expression. Growing up all over the globe, Sophie’s appreciation for beauty in all its forms eventually led her to a career in makeup artistry. After arriving in the fashion metropolis of the world, Sophie has created looks for celebrities, and for style publications such as, Essence, Nylon and Zink. She has also worked in New York fashion week for shows such as Ck, Jean Paul Gaultier, Project Runway and GQ Best Menswear American.