Would it surprise you to know that online dating can actually be interesting, enlightening and fun? 

To master online dating means relaxing into the whole crazy journey of looking for love at this stage of our lives. To do that, you need to feel confident and beautiful. In this session, you will get concentrated care and attention on helping you put your absolute best self out there.

Don’t know the meaning of “GGG,” “catfishing” or “420-friendly”? We will make sure you have a working knowledge of the shorthand and etiquette. More importantly, we will show you how you can navigate the online universe to find people who you are actually compatible with.  

You’ll start by learning general strategies for making the process enjoyable, safe and successful. Next, we will help you write a profile that really expresses you and pops off the screen. You’ll have your make up done by a talented makeup artist who will give you personalized tips you can use yourself. Then you’ll enjoy a private photo session with two outstanding photographers who excel at capturing your spirit as well as your loveliness. Finally, you will also meet and connect with fellow travelers who will make the whole dating adventure that much more fun.

Whether you are looking for your next serious relationship or just feeling the itch to get back out there and explore, join us for this fun and game-changing workshop.

Saturday, November 10th

10am – 2pm 17 Willow Place

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Jenni Shaw, makeup artist and founder of Shaw & Co, has years of experience working in film, television, on runway shows, and for magazines such as Teen Vogue, Filter, People, More, Cosmo, and GQ. She works with celebrities, rock stars, doctors, chefs, actors, CEO’s, athletes, race car drivers, writers, artists, professors, parents, and kids.

Sophie Ono, makeup artist at Shaw & Co. has over ten years of makeup experience with magazines (Essence, Vogue, A Magazine), television (The View, Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), as well as with beauty brands and corporations.

Randy Harris has shot for fashion, lifestyle and news magazines for almost three decades. His work has appeared in Glamour, New York Times magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, Town and Country, and Men’s Journal among dozens of others.

Sveva Costa San Severino is a photographer and videographer. She has lived, traveled and worked around the world, specializing in documentary, travel and portraiture. She currently lives in Brooklyn and runs her own business Timaline.com. A recently divorced mom, she’s out there dating online, too!