Divorce is an enormous life challenge.


Whether it is a shocking new change or a long planned one, the process of leaving a marriage demands so much of us!


Too often, we face it feeling isolated and alone, which breeds shame, helplessness and overwhelm. Not exactly a recipe for a successful split.

Imagine that you have a place to go for answers to all your questions.


Picture yourself at dinners, sunset sails and story evenings with a group of smart, game compassionate fellow travelers.


Envision yourself with the confidence to ask for what you need from all the professionals you work with.


See yourself becoming whole again.

We help you to build strength and resilience.

We do that by offering three things:


 Learn what you need to know about finances, real estate, and the various divorce process options – so you can feel confident and competent moving forward.


Meet top experts in all areas related to divorce and life after- be it divorce law, parenting, career or dating.


Connect with other women who truly “get it.” 


We provide meaningful support to help you successfully navigate your split, and to help you launch on a nourishing new chapter in your life.

I feel so so lucky to have learned about Untied. I feel as though I have been given the rare chance to expand and love in a more meaningful way.

Shanna F.

This was my first foray into connecting with a group of separated/divorced people and, in all honesty, I was kind of dreading it. I think it was something about not wanting to be a part of that group — “divorced people.” Anyway, it couldn’t have been a more positive experience. You created a really welcoming atmosphere and a safe space for people to share their collective wisdom. Alice was particularly wonderful in offering language for parents to talk to their kids about the holidays. The Idea of “one holiday at a time” very much resonated with me. I left feeling very grateful and realizing there is a wealth of resources in connecting with others who are going through the same experiences.

Anita F.



At a moment when I was in complete shock, stunned, and had absolutely no idea how to proceed, it was enormously comforting and helpful to have a group of brilliant women that all had suggestions, strategies, and stories. Knowing you are not alone is big!

Liz T.



Our panel events cover the full range of topics women deal with when it comes to divorce, and beyond. Past events have included:

  • Splitting with young kids
  • Paying for college
  • Real estate in splitsville
  • Complex divorce
  • Financial first steps
  • Aging fabulously
  • & so many more!

Events are led by a panel of experts in their field, ranging from top lawyers to beauty experts.


You can’t move forward if you’re stuck in a story that holds you back. UNtied offers several unique and effective workshops that guide you through the emotional tumult toward toward a hope-filled new chapter. Grief & Gratitude is a powerful first step in letting go of what was, and making room for the new via writing and poetry.Write Your Story led by an award-winning author and Tell It Sister, led by a master storyteller, help you see your life through a new lens by writing it or sharing it out loud. Veterans of these narrative-based sessions describe them as “life-changing,” liberating, and “riotously fun.” For those who are ready, our Online Dating Workshop offers expert strategies, in addition to makeup, styling and stand out profile photos by an eminent photographer.



Finding the right professionals can be one of the toughest hurdles of divorce. Start with our carefully curated Professional Directory which lists and describes recommended lawyers, finance experts, parenting specialists and more. Members also have access to a complete Video Archive of all past events. Listen to our experts offer valuable advice on handling the holidays, selling the family home, finding the right lawyer, rediscovering sex, and more.


What frequently tops the list when members talk about what they love about UNied? Other members. Meeting and being with others who get what you’re going through has a healing impact like almost nothing else. Whether at one of our live events or in our private Facebook group you will have the chance to connect with and earn from other women who have been there. Become one of the many members who’ve found new best friends and a robust social network.