If you had an affair that led to the dissolution of your marriage, your experience of divorce may be uniquely isolating. ¬†While the spouse who was deceived or “cheated on” may be devastated, he or she can usually rely on the sympathy of the community, if not their outright indignation and rage. Being the “one who strayed” usually means being viewed by society -at -large as the perpetrator, or even the “bad” spouse. How do you navigate this particularly difficult terrain? How do your kids cope with it?

If you’ve been longing to talk about it with others who “get it,” please join me for dinner. Let’s get into it.

NOTE: This is currently scheduled as a live event. For those who are local and vaccinated, please join us in person!

Thursday, October 28th
17 Willow Place
Brooklyn Heights

Cost: $45 for nonmembers
FREE for Full Access members (use your coupon code at checkout)

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