The professionals on this page here have been highly recommended by their clients,
vetted by our team and have presented at UNtied panels in the past year.

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Margaret Klaw

Berber Klaw & Watson
1528 Walnut Street, Suite 1100

Philadelphia, PA 19102

“Exactly right throughout the whole process –I particularly appreciate that she didn’t engage in –or even consider–any drama or judgment of the content or process. Nevertheless, l felt like she was really looking after me.”

Alyssa Rower

Rower, LLC
387 Park Avenue South, 5th
New York, NY 10016

Alyssa prides herself on reaching creative out-of-court settlements whenever possible, and excels in handling complex divorces involving business evaluations and tax issues.


“Tenacity, brilliance and a heart of gold! Alyssa is my secret weapon who was relentless in trying to make a deal with my husband. She has the patience of a saint and had to deal with [my husband’s] unethical ways on a day-to-day basis. Early in the morning, late at night and on the weekends, Alyssa was always there to answer my e-mails and calls.”
John Yacos

Yacos Law
111 Broadway, Suite 1805


Mediators/Collaborative Lawyers

Ani Mason

Mason Law & Mediation, LLC

60 East 42nd Street, Suite 4600
New York, NY 10165


699 Sackett Street
Brooklyn, NY  11215

“Ani Mason is trained as a mediator and can help you see all sides to help you move quickly to a resolution that won’t leave you thinking ‘I wish I had done it another way’. And on top of that, she is a whiz with numbers. Faster than a calculator. She is quite definitely the best of the best.”

Casey Shevin

Family Centered Law & Mediation
60 East 42nd Street, 46th Floor

New York, NY 10165

“From our first consulatation it was clear that Casey treated me and my divorce with compassion, serious legal expertise, and, given the circumstances, a most welcome warm-hearted sense of humor. She put me at ease and dispelled my many fears by framing my situation with no-nonsense clarity addressing both very real aspects of divorce: the legal and the human.”

Andrea Vacca

Vacca Law and Mediation
One Grand Central Place

60 E 42nd St #1420
New York, NY 10165

Andrea works to help clients keep their divorces out of court so their homes don’t turn into battlefields. When complex legal and financial issues are at stake she knows the benefits of working with other professionals including a family specialist and/or financial expert.