One of the upsides of divorce is the possibility of sex with new people. But for some of us, just when we have finally have the freedom to have sex again, just when we have finally made peace with our bodies, just when we have finally gained sexual confidence, and discovered what we like or what we want, our “lady parts” (as my gran liked to say), can suddenly stop cooperating. This can be so frustrating and demoralizing.  

We’re going to talk with two professionals who have some solutions. We’ll cover hormone replacement and its many varieties. We’ll also learn about new treatments like the Mona Lisa Touch, the O-shot and V-fit, as well as new developments in pelvic physical therapy and more.
Tune in!

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Meet the Experts

Maria Sophocles, MD, FACOG, NCMP is a board-certified OB/GYN with more than 25 years of medical experience. She is the Medical Director of Women’s Healthcare of Princeton, a progressive and innovative women’s health practice in Princeton, NJ. 
Dr. Sophocles understands the spectrum of issues women face from their teens through post-menopause. “Women of any age want a physician they can trust,” Dr. Sophocles says. “I spend time with my patients so they can share intimate issues and complex problems.”

Virginia Reath, RPA, MPH is a clinician, advocate and counselor in sexual health and gynecology. As an activist for reproductive justice she co-hosted the 1990’s radio show “Snatches” which was hailed as the very first call-in show on gynecological topics. She describes her practice as “relationship centered care with an integrative approach.” She is also an accomplished visual artist and poet