It is reported to be the number one fear of divorcing women: Divorce will leave us living on a pittance– if not actually on the street– and miserable. For some of us, that fear looms SO large, we can’t even bring ourselves to leave an unhappy marriage.

In this webinar, we’ll hear stories from women who went into divorce fearing financial deprivation (if not financial ruin), and how they ended up thriving in a myriad of ways, including financially. They’ll talk about the trade offs they made along the way and why. They’ll share some of the resourceful solutions they discovered that stretched their dollars and expanded their lives. They’ll also share frankly about what has been hard and how they have coped. In short, this is a unique opportunity to learn what it feels like to leave a financially secure marriage, and face the great post-marital unknown. 

Thursday, October 21st

5 – 6 PM ET

Cost: $20 for nonmembers
FREE for members (use your coupon code at checkout)

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A replay will be made available to those who are unable to join live.

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