White-Starr is a New York and Los Angeles-based aesthetic consulting firm that works with women and men to find their personal style – their spirit fit. White-Starr was founded by Andrea Longacre-White and Karyn Starr in 2006.¬†We have built our business around the idea that an individually refined aesthetic and a developed personal style can elevate the daily experience, increase confidence, and empower people to be the best version of themselves. White-Starr sees the closet as a window into one’s deepest self. We find clothing that matches our client, as opposed to following current trends. We focus on deeply personal and discreet relationships with our clients, who include gallerists, entrepreneurs, network anchors, and ceos of fortune 500 companies. We have built strong relationships with stores and their staff, and these cultivated relationships benefit our clients entire experience. In 2016, White-Starr celebrated their ten-year anniversary.