Handling the Holidays

In the First Year of Separation –

When you are freshly separated, the holiday season can loom like a series of dangerous icebergs you just can’t avoid hitting. We’ve been there (and lived to remember it). This Thursday, we’d like to hear what you are thinking, fearing, dreading or maybe even relieved about. We’ll share with you what helped us get through that first Thanksgiving, Hanukah or Christmas. We’ll tell you how we managed to keep it together for the kids, or show up at a family gathering without them, or spend them alone for the very first time. We’ll bring you tips we learned from therapists, coaches and child specialists that made things better, we’ll also share what we wish we didn’t do or did differently and why.

At the very least, you will be reminded you are not alone, and you might even pick up some sanity-saving ideas.

Thursday, November 17

5 PM ET / 2 PM PT, via zoom

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