In Person Workshop

“In myth, in ritual, and in theology, the broken heart is not
a regrettable symptom of derailment, but is rather
the starting point of anything that matters.”
–Kimberley Patton, professor, Harvard Divinity School

If you are beginning or in the midst of separation or divorce, we highly recommend this unique experience. It can give you the clarity, calm and connectedness you need right now.

In this workshop you will meet other women going through marital breakup and some who have gone through it and evolved from the experience. You will be guided through a series of exercises that invite you to explore the complex and nuanced emotions around your split. Feelings that at first seem contradictory often hold the keys to moving forward. As workshop creator and leader Jenny Douglas puts it “we’ll clear out what needs clearing out, in order that we might be sufficiently prepared to welcome what’s longing to come to us next.”

Grief & Gratitude In Person with Jenny Douglas

in Brooklyn
6-8:30 PM

Thursday, June 16th


Regular price: $125


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Workshop Creator and Leader:

Jenny Douglas is the Director of Host Experience & Operations at the new women’s social platform Hello Revel, and the founder of The Brooklyn Cottage, a celebrated salon in Prospect Heights. She created this workshop based on what she felt she most needed during her own divorce, and over the last seven years it has brought comfort, clarity and meaningful connection to hundreds of divorcing women.