“Jenny Douglas starts out by saying it isn’t therapy, but I found it to be worth the price of five therapy sessions, actually, it was priceless in terms of the impact it has had on my ability to move on.”
–Eliza T. Writer

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“In myth, in ritual, and in theology, the broken heart is not a regrettable symptom of derailment, but is rather the starting point of anything that matters.”
Kimberley Patton, Harvard Divinity School

No matter how you got here, the experience of divorce represents a kind of initiation — a marked departure from a once clearly-marked map into a wild and unruly forest. How we choose to enter the forest, and be in it, says a lot about who we will be when we eventually emerge from it.

In this three hour session, we will meet each other right where we are.

Through writing, contemplation, and bearing witness, we’ll explore ideas of grief and anger, despair and forgiveness, freedom and gratitude. We’ll clear out what needs clearing out, in order that we might be sufficiently prepared to welcome what’s longing to come to us next.

Sunday, November 12th
Brooklyn Heights

(Limited to 10 participants)