Are You Ready for the Road?

I hate to make generalizations, and particularly sexist generalizations, so I won’t. But if you left all the “car stuff” to someone else in your household, for say, decades, chances are you aren’t feeling all that confident about changing a tire on your own, or even topping it up with air.
We don’t think that should get in the way of a fabulous road trip this year. Join us for this hands on seminar, followed by a barbecue lunch in the garden!

in Brooklyn
11 AM – 1 PM
New Date TBA


Regular price: $80


Brewster Pettus 
Brewster Pettus was keen for both cars and design since his twenties. After working as a lawyer and business owner (he was the owner of the popular design store Asterix in NYC’s Nolita for over a decade), he took time off to focus on raising his two daughters. It was during that time that he began collecting classic cars and working on them in his garage in upstate NY. A self-described “eager student of all things cars and design,” he currently owns The Classic Car Den based in Newark.