Divorce: The Other Dimensions
Financial • Social • Parenting 

When it comes to divorce, anyone will tell you that a good lawyer is key. But divorce is not just a legal event. It’s a life transformation, so it stands to reason, you’d want more than just a lawyer to help you through it. Come learn about some other important sources of divorce support.

Wednesday, October 24th
6 PM

Miller, Zeiderman & Wiederkehr, LLP 
140 Grand Street
White Plains 

Free with RSVP:  email  lz@mzw-law.com

To set yourself up for an optimal divorce experience and outcome, you need more than an attorney. Join us for a glass of wine and learn about how to approach your divorce holistically, with:
Strong financial guidance, tailored to your new reality and your future needs and dreams
A nurturing support network of like-minded peers who “get it,” and want to connect around how to move forward
Advice on co-parenting, to create the most nurturing and stable environment for your kids

Lisa Zeiderman, Host, Managing Partner at Miller, Zeiderman & Weirdekehr, Founding Member of the American Academy of Certified Financial Litigation, and Divorce Financial Analyst, Lisa has handled complex divorce and family law matters for over 18 years.

Margaret Patrick,CFP®, CDFA® is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® with a practice focused on assisting women during and after divorce. By reviewing settlement proposals, creating financial plans and comprehensive investment portfolios, Ms.Patrick works to resolve financial obstacles and create a path to financial independence.

 Andrea Labis, LCSW-R, is a therapist with over 25 years of private practice experience with individuals, couples, family, and groups. Her expertise includes Complex Child Custody and Divorce Proceedings, Parent Coordination and Parent Coaching for divorcing individuals and couples.

Elise Pettus is the founder of UNtied, a social and educational network for women navigating divorce and life afterward. She curates expert panels and workshops covering topics from hiring a lawyer to sex in midlife to returning to work and more.