Frequently Asked Questions

for Professionals

How do I get listed in the professional directory?

We want our UNtied members and visitors to find the right professionals for their divorce, so we take the vetting process seriously. We ONLY list professionals nominated by our members in response to our annual query for outstanding experts. Here’s how we go about it:

Professionals are nominated to the Untied directory when two clients who have worked with him or her recommend them to us as outstanding. Former and/or current clients can nominate you through our annual query to members for outstanding experts.

Afterwards, there is a short vetting process by members of our advisory board after which they usually receive a listing in our directory within a week or two.

What happens once I'm approved?

You will receive a listing in the professional directory. This will include a post with your photograph, contact information, and mini-bio.

This post will be added to the appropriate category and members will be able to see you on the site.

Remember to ask where your new clients were referred from! They just might be from UNtied.

How do I participate in a panel event?

Upcoming Events and Speaking Opportunities for 2020-2021 given Covid-19 Restrictions

Due to the coronavirus, all of our offerings will continue to be offered online until the time comes when it is safe to gather in person again. Moreover, we are staying as flexible as we can and creating events directly in response to the needs we are seeing in our community as they come up. 

While this has made it hard to lay out a concrete calendar for the next three months, we will continue to turn first to our Featured Listers when trying to book experts for our calls and webinars. The fact that we are now entirely online does have one significant upside: Where our live events drew an average of 16 people, our online events (we have hosted eight since March 1st) are averaging 52 people, with several drawing more than 70! It is hard to say whether this is because peoples’ needs are more acute or whether people have had more available time during the lockdown or a combination of both. We hope that some of our new audience will stick with us going forward, even if they continue to participate in live events mainly via livestream.

When we are able to create live events again, we will share our event calendar ahead of time with our Featured Listers and offer them first dibs on all our panel spots.   

I want to be a featured professional; how do I get featured?

To become a featured professional you must be a listed professional on our site and have been a part of an UNtied panel (live or digital) event. No exceptions.

To learn more about featured professional listings, click here.