What do you do if your income is too high to qualify for Legal Aid, but you can’t afford to pay traditional attorney fees?

What if your budget can only cover mediation, but you really need someone to advocate for you?

Come to our first panel gathering of the spring! Share a glass of wine and a bite (we’ll open up the garden if its warm enough). Learn about strategies and innovations that are making divorce more affordable. Hear about new concepts, such as “unbundling,” new programs, and even online options aimed at streamlining the financial as well as emotional cost of divorce.


Wednesday, April 5th, 2017
Brooklyn Heights


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Karen L. Cahn is a sole practitioner of family law who frequently works on a sliding scale. Recently, she was appointed family law supervisor for the Court Square Law Project, a “low bono” firm, established in collaboration with CUNY Law School, the NYC Bar Association and 19 private firms to provide affordable legal services.





Casey Rose Shevin is an attorney mediator at her own firm, Family-Centered Law & Mediation, LLC. She is also an attorney mediator with the online platform Wevorce, and co-founder of Divorcify, both web-based platforms aimed at making divorce both more affordable and family-friendly.





Kim Mishkin is a certified divorce coach, grief recovery specialist, and the co-founder and director of the Manhattan based divorce support center, SAS for Women.






Shari Bornstein is a former family law attorney, and director of co-parenting communication programs at FamilyKind, a NYC nonprofit offering affordable support services for kids, individuals and families navigating divorce.