“Just because you don’t share the same home, doesn’t mean you aren’t family.”


Regardless of how you feel about your ex or soon-to-be-ex, if you have kids together, you are still connected. And today, the majority of splitting parents settle on some form of joint custody.

  • What will joint custody look like for your family?
  • What does it take to transition from a marriage or domestic partnership to a strictly parenting partnership?
  • How can you create a new partnership that will help your kids flourish without crushing you?
  • Is it possible to co-parent with an ex you can’t be in the same room with?

Whether you are newly split, just thinking about it or in the process of separating, we invite you to come hear from some thoughtful, experienced experts and some families who’ve been through it.

Join us for an informal panel evening that tackles some big principles of successful co-parenting as well as the day to day practical realities. This event is open to both men and women – bring your co-parent for maximum impact (and save $5)!


Wednesday, February 7

6:30 PM

17 Willow Place, Brooklyn Heights



$45 per person, includes light bites and wine.

Save $5 when you attend with your co-parent! 

Panel events are free for members.


You will learn:

• Strategies for communicating with your co-parent
• Methods to make the transition easier on the kids



Jessica Rothberg

Jessica Rothberg, mediation and collaborative attorney at Mediation Works, has helped thousands of couples find their way to an amicable post-married partnership. As a child of divorce herself, she was raised in joint custody before it was common practice.

Sage Cohen

Sage Cohen, created Radical Divorce.com to help parents move from conflict to collaboration. The author of three books, and founder of her own communications agency, Sage is also co-parent to a middle school-age son. Since her own split, Sage has applied years of experience as a communications expert to the needs of couples transitioning from romantic partners to parent partners.  

Barbara Rothberg

Barbara Rothberg, therapist and co-parenting coordinator, specializes in working out parenting solutions with high conflict couples. As a young divorcee and mother in the early 1970’s, she was an early adopter of joint custody, and continues to have a amicable partnership with her first husband.

Shari Bornstein

Shari Bornstein used her years of experience as a family attorney to create the Good Talk 4 Parents program at FamilyKind. This unique workshop helps splitting couples understand the power of effective email communication in creating a harmonious, strong and flexible partnership as parents.

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