Event: Aging Fabulously


Is 60 the new 40?

Who the F*** knows?  Today’s financial planners base their advice to women on the premise that they will live to 100. That’s 20 years longer than our mothers’ life expentancy. But what good is a long life if we aren’t enjoying it?

  • What are the latest and greatest treatments available for skin?
  • When it comes to skin products, are there natural alternatives to chemically-based substances like retinol and phloretin?
  • How did this belly get here, and what do I do about it?
  • Is there anything beyond kegels and short of surgery to keep myself sexually fit?

 …and more! Come to an Informative and inspiring night on women and aging – Let’s Age Fabulously, Shall We?




Wednesday, May 9th

6:30 pm

Brooklyn Heights


Dr. Alexes Hazen is a highly acclaimed plastic surgeon (NYU Langone) and director of the NYU Aesthetic Center. She is a vocal advocate for women’s health around the globe, and a board member of AiRS, a non-profit that helps women with reconstructive breast surgery after cancer. You can hear her regularly on Doctor Radio (Sirius XM).


Nadja Pinnavaia received her undergraduate degree in Chemistry from King’s College and her Ph.D. in Quantum Chemistry from Cambridge. Founder of the plant-based food system Euphebe, she is a board member of the Institute of Responsible Nutrition and holds a Certificate in Culinary Nutrition from the Natural Gourmet Institute.



Virginia Reath, a registered physician’s assistant, has long practiced a model of gynecological, sexual and reproductive care that combines varied approaches according to her patient’s needs. Naturopathic medicine, nutrition, bio-identical hormone therapy and counseling can be effective complements to conventional medicine.