For some of us, it is obvious, for others, it is only vaguely becoming clear that our spouse is “controlling” and that if we decide we have had enough, it will be extra hard to leave.


How do you know if you are struggling with a controlling spouse or partner? 

Maybe you always find yourself walking on eggshells around him or her. Or you feel consistently belittled when you try and stand up for yourself during disagreements. Maybe there has been physical abuse or threats of physical violence. Maybe he or she holds the purse strings and exerts financial control over you. It can be subtle or it can be glaringly obvious to your family and friends. It almost always induces some level of shame or humiliation. 

You may have finally decided it’s time to go, or you may not yet be ready to leave, but simply want to find out what your options are, what other women have done and what resources might be out there for you if and when you do decide to leave. 

Please join us for a live (and live-streamed) panel event with three exceptional experts. Meet other women who get what you’re struggling with and get smarter about navigating your way to strength, independence, and happiness.



Brooklyn Heights, NYC

6:30 PM (7PM Livestream)

Shelley Klein is a family law attorney and divorce mediator in private practice and with the New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG). She has done extensive academic research on the progress of social justice as  the Associate Director of the Center for Institutional and Social Change (CISC) at Columbia Law School and the Assistant Director of the Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy (ISERP) at Columbia University.

Randi Karmel began her law career as an assistant DA in Kings County and then worked as Special Counsel at the NYC Dept of Investigation before moving to family law and establishing her own firm in 1997. And active Bar Association member and frequent lecturer, she has been listed as a Super Lawyer since 2014.

Lauren Behrman, PhD. is a child specialist, divorce mediator, co-parenting counselor, and sought after collaborative divorce professional. Specializing in high conflict couples and families with children, she has offices in Manhattan, Katonah and White Plains.