Take it or leave it? And other thorny questions.

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Meet the Experts

Melissa McKeithen combined her background as a litigation attorney with her personal experience as a spouse in a high conflict divorce to found a divorce consultancy called Fairwell. She works “as a thinking partner” to help women define what is important to them, identify their goals and create a strategy to meet those goals in their divorce process. In practice, this might come down to helping them find the right professionals, helping them organize for a court date or mediation session or helping them to stay focused on the big picture during the emotional turbulence of a split. Her aim is to enable women to “own their divorce,” and to emerge with more strength and clarity, as well as secure financial future for their family.

Avani Ramnani is a divorce financial analyst and financial planner with Francis Financial. With seventeen years in the financial industry, she is uniquely suited to help women evaluate their options during the divorce process, and help them create a sound financial future going forward. Currently the  Director of the National Association of Divorce Professionals (NADP) Manhattan Chapter, she is frequently quoted in media outlets (CNBC, Wall Street Journal and Investment News, etc) on women, divorce and finance.