Any activity that causes a spouse to lie, hide, spend recklessly and shut you out can be a marriage crusher, regardless of whether it is an official diagnosis in the DSM manual. Dissolving your marriage to someone with an addiction is no cinch either. If you have split or are in the midst of splitting from a spouse who is on this spectrum, you face unique challenges that even other divorcees are blissfully ignorant of. 

This evening’s panel brings together a unique group of experts in law, mental health, and communication, who are highly experienced in substance abuse and behavioral disorders and their impacts on families. 

Come join us on a spring night. Get some strategies for coping, for helping your children cope, learn from others’ experiences and go home feeling much less alone.

Wednesday, May 8th


17 Willow Place

Brooklyn Heights


$45 to attend / $20 to live-stream
(members use your code to come for free)