Real Estate Experts

Thinking clearly about selling, downsizing or renting can be very tough during the turbulence of divorce.  You need real estate expert who is experienced in their business and who will be sensitive to the delicate state of your business. Sometimes, it can be very hard to agree on a realtor with a soon- to- be ex. Rather than list individual agents (who may or may not know your neighborhood or type of property), we think very highly of the group below. They know almost all the realtors out there and work to find the one that best fits your situation.

What UNtied does by searching for the best experts in the divorce field, Braddock and Purcell does in the real estate arena. They have 60 years of combined experience in NY real estate, and know the best agents in the tri-state area. They match sellers, buyers and renters with the precisely right realtor, at no cost to you, the client. Can’t agree on a realtor with your spouse? Braddock and Purcell act as a neutral party, who will serve both of your needs, and serve as a valuable buffer in the process of finding the right agent to work with.

See Kathy Braddock on the topic of real estate and divorce here.

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