The term “coach” is in vogue these days. And to be truthful, the quality of coaching can vary widely. At their best, a divorce coach can provide meaningful and money-saving support. They can help you sort out your values, needs, and priorities so you can maintain a focused direction during the divorce process, which can reduce the number of expensive hours needed with your attorney and financial experts.  They can offer support in finding and preparing the documents you need for important meetings, and help you to clarify your objectives before going into difficult negotiations.  In addition, a  good coach will often have a strong roster of connections who are experts in divorce law, finance, real estate, property insurance, and health insurance. Note that a divorce coach may or may not receive referral fees from the experts they recommend, which is a question you should ask up front.

The following are coaches we know and like. Note that some work by phone, while others meet with clients in their offices, or even at the client’s home.

Career Coaches

Whether your split means you are headed back to the workforce for the first time in years, or you simply need some support turning your current job into a better paying one, a career expert can be helpful. They can help build and sustain your confidence, help you identify your strongest skills, and guide you to resources that will build new skills and strengthen your network.  All of the following coaches work one-on-one, but several also run groups that cost less and have the added benefit of introducing you to a network of women with similar goals and concerns

Divorce Coaches

Parent Coordinators

Parenting coaches can be enormously helpful before, during, and after divorce in getting ex-spouses “onto the same page” regarding their children’s needs. They are also helpful where parents generally agree on child-rearing principles, but want some help with strategies and advice on transitioning kids to two homes and a joint custody schedule.

Education Coaches

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