Some of us have dipped our toe into digital dating during lockdown, and discovered some upsides of The Zoom Date, for instance, no need to schlep to mediocre restaurant for a 30 minute coffee or drink, renewed spotlight on the art of conversation, a chance to peek at their housekeeping habits, and perhaps best of all, no pressure to sleep with someone before you know if you want to. Hat tip to UNtied member Shelley Klein who dubbed it “the Jane Austen effect.”

So, yes, some of us are enjoying this longer simmering period of seduction. But what happens when you DO connect with someone and you start feeling like YOU want things to move into a more intimate phase?

Well, ladies, pull up a chair to listen to a conversation with AASECT Certified Sex
Therapist Sari Cooper as she offers out-of-the box ideas to celebrate May, which if you didn’t already know, is Masturbation and Mental Health Awareness Month!

Girlfriends, if there was a time to take care of our mental health through self-pleasure, this is certainly it.

Friday, May 29th


6:30 PM


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Sari Cooper is the Director of Center for Love and Sex, a group practice specializing in sex therapy and sex coaching. She is also the creator of Sex Esteem® LLC, a company devoted to enriching people’s confidence and knowledge about their own sexuality, the choices in their relationship agreements and how to communicate with partners about the sex life they desire. An AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and Sex Therapy Supervisor, she has been featured on CBS This Morning, Dr. Oz,  The Wall Street Journal, Women’s Health, Lifehacker, Bustle, HuffPost and Vice Media.