If you are facing a marital split or currently in the process of a split and have teenagers, this evening is for you.

You’ve heard people talking about the fact that divorce ends marriages, but doesn’t end families. But how exactly, will you and your ex make the transition from romantic partners to parenting partners? How do navigate a new business like relationship if there has been pain, anger or betrayal in the split? And how do you handle a potentially angry or hurt teenager together?

Joint custody is the new normal.

Regardless of what you think of your ex or soon-to-be-ex, the jury seems to be in on this: kids do best when they have a ‘real’ relationship with two parents who love them. That means that unless there there are issues of abuse or criminal neglect, joint custody is likely where you are, or where you’re headed.

So you might as well make it work, right?

Join UNtied for an evening all about navigating the co-parenting of teenagers.


December 5th, 6:30 PM

Willow Place


To attend in Brooklyn Heights:


$45, wine & light bites provided. Members may use code to attend for free.

To attend via livestream:


$20. Members may use code to stream for free.