When it comes to divorce, joint custody is the new normal. But how exactly, will you and your ex-spouse make the transition from romantic partners to parenting partners? How do you create a new relationship around the business of raising the kids you both love?  This is particularly tough when there is anger, pain or betrayal in the mix. But it isn’t impossible. 

Regardless of what you think of your ex or soon-to-be-ex, the jury seems to be in on this: kids do best when they have a ‘real’ relationship with two parents who love them. That means that unless there are issues of abuse or criminal neglect, joint custody is likely where you are, or where you’re headed. 

Join us for an informal panel evening that tackles some big principles of successful co-parenting as well as the day to day practical realities. We’ll be talking with a panel of experts and parents who’ve been there, about:

  • How to cope with the often wrenching loss of control that comes with joint custody 
  • Strategies for reducing emotional flare-ups in your communication with your ex
  • How to determine your kids’ needs and advocate for them without putting them in the middle
  • How to respond to your kids anger at you
  • Signs that your child could use a therapist


6:30 PM (7 livestream)

Lauren Behrman, PhD. is a child specialist, divorce mediator, co-parenting counselor, and sought after collaborative divorce professional. Specializing in high conflict couples and families with children, she has offices in Manhattan, Katonah and White Plains.

Rich Heller, MSW, CPC, ELI MP is a conflict resolution specialist and child of divorce; he has been divorced and successfully remarried and raised five children with his wife Katherine. Rich helps people transform troubled relationships, both in marriage, divorce and in business. He also leads ‘Divorce-Proof Your Kids’ workshops to help divorcing parents work together to help their kids move through divorce. 

 Ani Mason is a mediation and collaboration attorney and owner of Mason Law & Mediation LLC. She has been honored multiple times by Super Lawyers for her work. Her early experience working as a litigator in high conflict and domestic violence cases informed her exceptional sensitivity to the impact of the divorce process on children.