Start by setting a deadline. Need a push?  Commit to host something: a clothing swap, a school function, a book group, a family reunion or a mom’s night. Set the date far enough in the future so you have the time you need to get the job done.

Call in some help:  If a professional organizer is affordable, hire one!  If not, enlist a friend who is ready to help or willing to barter for something you can deliver on. Some other options: try a meet up or look into online organizing support. 

Think about how you want to live in your space: what would make you really happy to look at and what would make things easier  in your day to day routine?

Line up some places that you can donate to.  Maybe a neighborhood school or a shelter has an immediate need? Amanda Wiss of Urban Clarity recommends Vietnam Vets of America, which will pickup donations at your door. Housing Works will reimburse travel expenses up to $10 and The Salvation Army is always a good standby.

Order storage boxes in bulk-Amanda’s picks, bankers boxes for books and household objects, clear plastic stackable tubs for clothing and stuff you need to see.

Make the time: Start with at least two four-hour blocks.  Maybe you need five full mornings for a week?  Two successive Saturdays? Clear the calendar, roll up your sleeves, turn on some music and dig in.