Tara Goodrich, PhD

Works with adolescent girls 26 W 9th St, Suite 6D New York, NY 10011 917.586.9903

Emma Cooper-Serber, LCSW, MPH

Emma Cooper-Serber Brooklyn 646.856.9825 Emma frequently works with kids, but also runs groups for adult men and women going through divorce.

Peter Cohen, Ph.D.

Works with adolescent boys 26 Court Street, Suite 2415 Brooklyn, NY 11242 718.852.5540

Alice Kaltman L.C.S.W.

Family Matters NY Alice has been working with parents and kids since 1988. In 2006, she co-founded Family Matters NY, a parenting coaching service for Brooklyn and Manhattan families, providing support through workshops, referrals, and private sessions. Alice lives in...

Lauren Behrman, Ph.D.

Lauren Behrman Clinical psychologist with child, family and adolescent postdoctoral training, family mediator, collaborative child specialist, neutral process facilitator and divorce coach, parent coordinator, and high conflict co-parent counselor. Manhattan: 60 East...