Considering remarriage or moving in with new partner and his or her kids?

Don’t fly blind!

75% of divorced men and women re-couple at some point. The majority of them have kids, and most of them report that stepfamily dynamics are vastly more complicated than they had imagined. According to family experts, going in with open eyes will give you a much greater chance of building a solid, nurturing and healthy blended family.

Caveat #1. Don’t expect it to be a cinch.

Caveat #2. Don’t put off key discussions about money and estate plans: You and your partner are the anchor of this new family, so make that anchor as solid as it can be.

We’ve put together a panel of professionals who live in and work with blended families as well as “regular” kids and parents who are currently in the thick of it.

They are ready to give it to you straight! Come have a glass of wine, a bite of food, and hear them share some hard won insights and discoveries. Get smarter about what to expect and learn some valuable strategies for successful re-coupling with kids.


6:30 PM (7 livestream)