The world feels like it is falling out from under you, but you will be ok, and probably happier than you have been in the last 12 years.

 “Let yourself feel everything.”

 “Get a good lawyer and let them do their job!”

 “Get all the support you can find including friends, family therapists etc.”

“Pay attention to your finances and get a good lawyer and accountant.”

“Don’t think about long range plans and goals, but rather short ones. Things change over time and the anxiety of worrying about what will happen ten years out can be stressful. Make a two year plan and then go from there…”

“Someone told me ‘don’t take it personally.’  It really helped when my ex-husband told me he hadn’t loved me in ten years.  I thought ‘why? I am lovable.’  If he couldn’t love me that was his problem.”

“Be patient. A wise friend said that with the passing of time everything would get easier and it has. I know some of this is because my divorce was relatively easy but in regards to the emotional piece I think she was right.”