Jane Selzer,  an UNtied member who happens to be a much loved yoga instructor and dance teacher, is offering  a special class for UNtied subscribers called the 5 Rhythms.


5:30-7:30 PM

Battery Dance Studio | 380 Broadway (White Street)

$40 | Members can use workshop code for 20% off

Developed by Trance Dance pioneer, Gabrielle Roth, this freeform movement practice explores how to move and be moved by the five primary rhythms;  flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness.

In this introductory workshop Jane will lead a gentle beginning level dance/yoga warm-up followed by a guided 5Rhythms® Wave. The second half of the session, you will  dance continuously through the Wave with very little guidance. No dance experience required! 

The 5Rhythms can be done even if you have limited mobility. Chairs will be available if you need a break. 

Please wear comfortable, breathable clothing and layers in case you get hot/cold and bring a bottle of water. We will dance barefoot or in soft soled dance shoes. No street shoes.  

For more info. On the 5Rhythms® visit https://www.5rhythms.com


“The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body.”

Gabrielle Roth

Jane has been teaching body/mind classes for over 30 years. She began teaching Modern/Jazz Dance in the mid 1980’s, added Kripalu Yoga in 1994 and brought it all together by training with Gabrielle Roth and becoming a  5Rhythms® teacher in 1997.