So, Where Are You?

Considering Divorce?

• Hiring a Lawyer
• Telling the Kids
• Separating Finances
• Mediating vs. Litigating
• Knowing your Money
• Moving Out/Staying Home
• Building your Credit


In the Thick of it?

• Coping with Grief
• Selling your Home
• Getting Back to Work
• Co-parenting
• Staying Healthy
• Getting Past Anger
• Sharing Custody


Rebuilding your Life?

• Sex & Dating
• Solo Travel
• Blending Families
• Remarriage & Money
• Beauty & Style
• Changing Careers
• Paying for College


We can help!

Coping as Co-Parents Feb 7

“Just because you don’t share the same home, doesn’t mean you aren’t family.” …We hear this more and more these days. The new ideal divorce is one in which partners or spouses work together to create a secure and nurturing environment for their kids. But what does this look like in real life? And is this even possible for exes who can’t be in the same room together?

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Online Dating Workshop Feb 24

Whether you are looking for your next serious relationship or just feeling the itch to get back out there and explore, start (or re-launch) your online dating life with optimism and savvy, plus a sparkling profile and stunning photos! The afternoon will include: an overview of dating strategies and tips, a session with a professional makeup artist, and a private shoot with photographer Anne Day!

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Beach Girls

Grief & Gratitude Mar 3

In this workshop, we will meet each other right where we are.Through writing, contemplation, and bearing witness, we’ll explore ideas of grief and anger, despair and forgiveness, freedom and gratitude. We’ll clear out what needs clearing out, in order that we might be sufficiently prepared to welcome what’s longing to come to us next.

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Reboot Your Career Mar 7

For many of us, divorce necessitates a return to work after being home with kids for years, or a job change to gain better pay or flexibility. This evening is all about how to get real about moving forward on these goals. Hear from three great women who have made big transformations after their divorce. Learn practical tips for re-entry as well as mental strategies that will prepare us for challenges of a changing job market.

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On Arrival

Post marital life is a little bit like arriving by train or bus in a new city for the first time. It can be dispiriting, even shocking on your first glance. But you know you came here for a reason. In the strange city, you buck yourself up, grab your suitcase and push on. You start by taking out your map (discreetly if need be) or asking the most benign looking stranger for directions.

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Featured Expert: Kathy Braddock

Kathy Braddock and business partner Paul Purcell are two veteran realtors with successful careers spanning 30 years each at some of the city’s most venerated firms – they tell us why hiring the wrong broker could be the most expensive mistake you make.

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We asked some of our members to describe their experience of divorce, and what helped them through it. Check out what they have to say.

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