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So, Where Are You?

Considering Divorce?

• Hiring a Lawyer
• Telling the Kids
• Separating Finances
• Mediating vs. Litigating
• Knowing your Money
• Moving Out/Staying Home
• Building your Credit







In the Thick of it?

• Coping with Grief
• Selling your Home
• Getting Back to Work
• Co-parenting
• Staying Healthy
• Getting Past Anger
• Sharing Custody








Rebuilding your Life?

• Sex & Dating
• Solo Travel
• Blending Families
• Remarriage & Money
• Beauty & Style
• Changing Careers
• Paying for College





We can help!
long houses

Real Estate In Splitsville
Jan 10

What happens to your home in a New York City divorce is no small question. The decision to sell your home or buy out your spouse, stay in your family rental or leave and rent your own place–each of these actions will have lifelong consequences.

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Grief & Gratitude
Jan 20

In this afternoon workshop, we will meet each other right where we are.Through writing, contemplation, and bearing witness, we’ll explore ideas of grief and anger, despair and forgiveness, freedom and gratitude. We’ll clear out what needs clearing out, in order that we might be sufficiently prepared to welcome what’s longing to come to us next.

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Complex Divorce
Jan 31

Often, the more complex the assets, the longer the process, and the more professionals who become involved. In addition to a lawyer, you may need a financial advisor, a child specialist, a forensic accountant, a real estate broker, even an employability expert among others. Join a panel of professionals who will offer their tips and advice on building a team in a complex divorce situation.

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Coping As Co-Parents
Feb 7

“Just because you don’t share the same home, doesn’t mean you aren’t family.” …We hear this more and more these days. The new ideal divorce is one in which partners or spouses work together to create a secure and nurturing environment for their kids. But what does this look like in real life? And is this even possible for exes who can’t be in the same room together?

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Don't Be the Toxic Parent This Season

No one sets out to be the toxic parent, but divorce can bring out the worst in us. If you find yourself doing any of these things, you are causing your kids unnecessary pain and damaging their relationship not just with your ex, but with you too!

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Handling the Holidays

We spoke to Alice Kaltman about navigating the holidays after a split – watch the video for smart advice on letting go of old traditions and steering kids through this time.

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Video Library

Visit our video archive to hear wisdom shared at past UNtied events.

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We asked some of our members to describe their experience of divorce, and what helped them through it. Check out what they have to say.

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