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• Hiring a Lawyer
• Telling the Kids
• Separating Finances
• Mediating vs. Litigating
• Knowing your Money
• Moving Out/Staying Home
• Building your Credit


• Coping with Grief
• Selling your Home
• Getting Back to Work
• Co-parenting
• Staying Healthy
• Getting Past Anger
• Sharing Custody


• Sex & Dating
• Solo Travel
• Blending Families
• Remarriage & Money
• Beauty & Style
• Changing Careers
• Paying for College

21 Aug 1934, Walmer, Kent, England, UK --- Summer school students of Miss Margaret Morris rehearse on the beach. --- Image by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS

Sept. 16th:
Grief & Gratitude

 In this afternoon workshop, we will meet each other right where we are.

Through writing, contemplation, and bearing witness, we’ll explore ideas of grief and anger, despair and forgiveness, freedom and gratitude.
We’ll clear out what needs clearing out, in order that we might be sufficiently prepared to welcome what’s longing to come to us next.

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Sept 19th:
Untying the Knot

Join us for an evening of education and camaraderie.
Bring your questions! Meet others who are starting the process or who’ve been through it.
Share a bite and a glass of wine.
Meet four great professionals who will share advice

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Oct 11th:
5 Steps to a Financially Secure Forever

Join us for an evening of powerful pointers and strategies on protecting our financial future, so we can take risks in other areas

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Can you Buy a Divorce for the Cost of a New Vacuum Cleaner?

We’ve all seen that ad for a $399 “store front” divorce. But is it too good to be true?

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Isabelle Dervaux

What should happen to the family photos after your divorce?

We talked with Brooklyn-based photo organizer Isabelle Dervaux about the redemptive power of family pictures and how to tackle the prickly job of divvying up and organizing them after a split.

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Visit our video archive to hear wisdom shared at past UNtied events.

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We asked some of our members to describe their experience of divorce, and what helped them through it. Check out what they have to say.

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