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Narcissism and Divorce Part 3: Your Kids | June 17th

Can you Break The Cycle of Narcissism? For anyone with children who has divorced a narcissist, there is often one lingering worry: how can we prevent our kids from becoming narcissists themselves, given that it seems to be such a cyclical dynamic, often passed from...

Mastering Your Cash Flow | June 10th

Mastering. Your. Cash. Flow. As you emerge from the divorce process, there is a world that awaits you of independence and self-direction, but ONLY if you are in control of your spending, and your spending isn't controlling you. Join us for an hour with guest Michelle...

LIVE EVENT: UNtied Members Summer Send Off Party | June 28th

We are hosting an in-person summer send off party for UNtied members new and old!! If you live in NYC or nearby, if you've gotten your Covid vaccine, please join us for backyard drinks, food, and a clothing & book swap. Have a summer clothing item that you love,...

UNtied Fall Retreat | October 14th – 17th, 2021

Fall Leaves • New Friendships • Valuable Info • Meaningful Support This October, we are hosting a special three-day gathering in beautiful Hudson, NY during peak fall leaf season! We will be bringing together some of our favorite workshop and panel leaders for a...

Please note: All events are currently conducted via a digital platform. We will conduct in-person events once it is deemed safe to do so.

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We help women to feel empowered as they transition from married to
re-singled, and provide tools and resources to build great new lives.

In Person & Online Panels

Monthly panel events related to divorce & beyond, featuring top experts. Live event venings include wine & food in a safe, comfortable and beautiful space. All events are online until it is safe to gather again.

UNtying the Knot

We’ve boiled down the most critical information shared over seven years of expert panels on divorce and life afterward. In this series of short videos, you’ll learn from some of the country’s top experts, and gain knowledge that will help you navigate this challenging transition with calm and confidence.

Curated Professional Directory

Check out our listings of lawyers, therapists, finance experts and more who have been voted “outstanding” by our members and vetted by our team.


Workshops offer opportunities to go deeper in a particular area, such as grief recovery or online dating. Led by leading experts and storytelling creatives.

Private Community

Whether you live in the NY Tri-state area, Ohio, or in Brisbane Australia, you can access our private online community to seek advice and support from women who understand what you’re going through.

Social Events

Enjoy the company of other dynamic and thoughtful women who “get it” because they’ve been through it themselves. Join us for laughs, dinners & more.

Livestream & Online Forums

If you live outside of the New York area, you can attend our events by livestream.
Also convenient for those who can’t leave kids at home or simply don’t feel ready to come to a live event.

Our Community

Receive the support you need from women who understand, truly, what you are going through. With access to expert panel events, an online community, a curated video series for divorce, and discount workshops, an UNtied membership can get you to the next chapter of your life with grace and knowledge. You’ll most likely make a few new life-long friends along the way!

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Financial First Steps Event with Michelle Smith

Check out this snippet from our Financial First Steps Event with Michelle Smith.

A Second Look at the Vicious Cycle of Divorce

I am one of those children of divorce who grew up only to get divorced myself.  It is the typical sad story.  But then why am I so happy? My parents divorced when I was five.  I don’t recall much, other than a hazy impression of my mother arguing with my father while he was shaving and she was...

So, Who Gets the Friends?

While we applaud Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's lovely letter informing, um, THE WORLD, of their thoughtful journey through separation, it got us thinking of how little is mentioned in the literature about separation and divorce on what to do about friendships. Here, I've jotted down a few...

Divorce Back in the Day: The Reno Cure

Before No Fault Divorce, there was ‘The Reno Cure’.
These gems from around the web offer a peek at the days
when getting a divorce meant hopping a bus or plane to Nevada for a six week stay.

Can You Buy a Divorce for the Cost of a New Vacuum Cleaner? The Down and Dirty Divorce

I learned for certain that our marriage was on its way to extinction when I came across a memo to my husband referring to his recent contract with one of New York City’s most infamous divorce attorneys. After picking myself up off the floor, I figured I had no choice but to fight fire with fire...

This isn’t your typical support group

Developed by founder Elise Pettus as the resource she wished she had when she divorced, UNtied has become a trusted sisterhood, where women can go for support, wisdom and resources on almost any topic related to divorce.

A community of almost 2,000 women, beginning in the New York City and Tri-State community and branching out via livestream offerings across the United States, UNtied offers a nurturing, upbeat community, meaningful education, and access to the best experts.

from our members

“At a moment when I was in complete shock, stunned and had absolutely no idea how to proceed, it was enormously comforting and helpful to have a group of brilliant women to turn to, each of whom had suggestions, and stories. Knowing you are not alone is big!”


“I got my lawyer through UNtied! I was totally clueless about collaborative divorce before going to one of your panels. UNtied saved me a lot of time, pain and money. Eternally grateful!”


“You have given so many of us the tools we need to stand on our own. Thank you!”


“Thank you for creating a safe space for women in the different stages of divorce to share, support, and learn from each other. For many of us, there is no community to turn to for support. Of course, our friends and loved ones reach out to comfort us, but connecting with others going through similar experiences is invaluable.”

You don’t have to go it alone.