Next Event: Blending Families November 16th – IMPORTANT UPDATE

UPDATE: The event will be held in Midtown this evening. If you would like to attend, please email for the address and more information. You’ve met someone, and you’re serious about him or her. When do you decide it is time to introduce them to your kids? Maybe you have been dating for a

Online Dating Workshop – November 19th

Maybe you’ve said you’d try it.  Someday. Maybe you’re gearing up to do it. Maybe you’ve done it, a little, but decided it was just too much effort. Maybe you’re excited to try it and eager to know as much as possible about the process. The great and liberating thing about online dating is that

Handling the Holidays

Nervous about the upcoming holiday season? Don’t be – we’ve got your back! Watch UNtied expert Alice Kaltman speaking on how to navigate the holiday season after your split.

Ask our Experts: Who should be on my “divorce team” (Part 2)

I’ve hired my divorce attorney. Who else, if anyone, should be on my “divorce team”? Many divorces will

Ask our Experts: Who should be on my “divorce team”

I’ve hired my divorce attorney. Who else, if anyone, should be on my “divorce team”? Many divorces will go from start to finish with only divorce attorneys involved. Other cases benefit from the expertise of other professionals. From our perspective, there’s no right answer for every divorce. The right “divorce team” depends on your needs

Event: Divorcing With Young Kids

If You’re a Mom or a Dad, Who’s Divorcing or Divorced Join us for an evening all about

Two Game-Changing Workshops this Weekend!

GRIEF & GRATITUDE I “In myth, in ritual, and in theology, the broken heart is not a regrettable symptom of derailment, but is rather the starting point of anything that matters.” Kimberley Patton, Harvard Divinity School Saturday, March 19th 2 – 5PM Brooklyn Heights $95 (3 spots left) No matter how you got here, the experience of


Great Sex in Midlife Come join us tomorrow for a night about re-connecting and staying connected to your sexual self. Sip some cocktails and learn about some great new ways to intensify pleasure and re-kindle joy from Virginia Reath, women’s health educator, practitioner and activist. Whether you have a partner or not, this evening will boost

We Asked, You Answered: What was the Best Advice you were Given during your Breakup?

The world feels like it is falling out from under you, but you will be ok, and probably

Next Event: First Steps

To Take if You Are Considering Divorce Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 6:30 PM, Brooklyn Heights $45   If you think you might be headed for a split, come get some valuable info from two family lawyers and a top divorce coach. Arm yourself with knowledge, so that you can make the best decision for your future. Share

Meet Our New Expert Team

It is not often that litigation lawyers and those who practice “alternative dispute resolution” (read mediation or collaborative law) see eye to eye on things.  Alyssa Rower of Aronson, Mayefsky and Sloan, and Ani Mason of Mason Law and Mediation, are exceptions. They are both top tier lawyers. Ani is a mediator and collaborative attorney with her own

So, Who Gets the Friends?

While we applaud Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s lovely letter informing, um, THE WORLD, of their thoughtful journey through separation, it got us thinking of how little is mentioned in the literature about separation and divorce on what to do about friendships. Here, I’ve jotted down a few thoughts that might help you and your

Event: The Complex Divorce

The Complex Divorce: Do Greater Assets Always mean Greater Acrimony? Complicated assets, hidden accounts, family trusts, a child with special needs, international citizenship, co-owned businesses–these are just a few factors that can add complexity to a marital split. Often, the more complex the assets, the longer the process, and the more professionals who become involved.

Next Event, Nov 4th: Divorce and Your Grown Up Kids

Divorce and “The Invisible Children”  We tend to assume that our college age or adult kids are the least upset by our marital split. Maybe we’ve even waited until the kids were off to college before starting the process of separation or divorce.  But too often we end up blindsided by our son or daughter’s