So, Who Gets the Friends?

  While we applaud Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s lovely letter informing, um, THE WORLD, of their thoughtful

We Asked the Founders of a new Dating Website for the Inside Scoop:

Unlike most online dating website and apps, Coffee Meets Bagel was founded by women.  They are  three sisters, in

Ask An Expert: How Do I pay a Lawyer’s Retainer Fee If My Spouse Controls the Money?

Alyssa Ann Rower Family Law Attorney, Aronson Mayefsky & Sloan Q: How do I pay my lawyer’s


Thank you to Wednesday’s terrific panelists and to everyone who came out in the rain last night! It

Got Questions on Post-Marital Dating? Ask Ursula Knot!

Dear Ursula, My new boyfriend and I get along fine, I guess, but our pheromones don’t. I like

Time Stands Still

For many of us, those first weeks home with a new baby become a hazy memory. Not likely for this mom.

A Second Look at the Vicious Cycle of Divorce

I am one of those children of divorce who grew up only to get divorced myself.  It is

Famous Artists who Divorced

In Praise of Messy Lives: These 12 women worked hard to claim their creative space, even when it

Don’t Be The Toxic Parent This Season

Do You  find yourself doing any of the following? Make your children choose between you and your ex?