Event: Write Your Story

A Weekend Workshop on the Art of the Personal Essay Divorce, Breakups and Beginnings March 4-6th Brooklyn Heights     The conventional breakup story: girl meets boy, girl loses boy, girl finds better boy and ultimate riches and happiness as a fly-fishing instructor in Montana. We’re not ones to quibble with happy endings, but they

Excellent Excerpt: What Is Love? Love Is An Action

Excerpt from Susan J. Elliott’s Getting Past Your Breakup When I’ve asked my clients, seminar students, and my

So, Who Gets the Friends?

While we applaud Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s lovely letter informing, um, THE WORLD, of their thoughtful journey through separation, it got us thinking of how little is mentioned in the literature about separation and divorce on what to do about friendships. Here, I’ve jotted down a few thoughts that might help you and your

Getting Through It: A Story About Fashion

Sometimes, the oddest things can get you through The first weeks after our decision to separate, I walked

It’s A Contest: Best Male Profile!

Ever come across a guy’s online dating profile and thought: “That’s genius! I gotta meet him”? Send it in

Takeaways from “Planning for College as a Re-Singled Parent”

Independent college consultant Rachel Coates and parent Laura Gilbert, gave us a solid intro to some of the basics

Remember When Doing Something On Your Own Was a Triumph?

Revisit that feeling. If you are doing things on your own for the first time in years, or the first time ever — whether it be sorting the recycling, hiring a financial advisor, or venturing out on a solo vacation.

Short Take: Sex and the Re-Singled Woman

Thanks to everyone who came to our panel on May 13th.  We received lots of new information and some valuable reminders.  To access more material  from the evening’s info-packed session, consider becoming a member!

In case you missed it: Highlights from our Online dating workshop

Great to see everyone who came to our workshop this weekend! So glad the sun was shining! We listened,

Would it Surprise you to know …?

That you can eat this entire bouquet? That online dating can actually be interesting, enlightening and fun? Starting

In Case you Missed It: Takeaways from ‘How to Choose the Right Divorce Lawyer’ Event

We got some great tips and takeaways on hiring a good divorce attorney. How do you find a lawyer? Sadly, with online marketing and search engine optimization, you can’t simply google “good divorce lawyer” and get  honest results. Both because it’s a subjective question, and because the people at the top of the list have most likely paid to

Tips and Takeaways from our Travel Event

The idea of traveling alone is intimidating. All the decisions are yours to make. And so are the mistakes.

Recent Event: It’s Your Money Now

Thanks to all who braved the snow, the slush, the sleet, the driving rain! For those who missed this information-packed lunch at Douglas Winthrop Advisors LLC., here are a few takeaways: When it comes to taking charge of your money, there are no dumb questions. There are some things that women tend to do, says advisor

We Asked, You Answered: What was the Best Advice you were Given during your Breakup?

 The world feels like it is falling out from under you, but you will be ok, and probably